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What can you do to improve your oral hygiene?

The purpose of oral hygiene is to obtain a healthy mouth. But how do we know when we have a clean mouth? Usually, less than half of adults have a routine of acceptable oral hygiene. Studies over the years have shown that few people have a routine teeth cleaning.

The care of the mouth are never excessive and that’s why we want to share tips to show a increasingly healthy and white smile:

– The use of interdental brushes and floss at least once a day will help remove plaque and food debris between the teeth where the toothbrush cannot reach.

– The use of a mouthwash is also very important for hygiene, as it contains an antibacterial ingredient to reduce plaque and prevent gum disease

– We should brush the teeth with gentle circular movements or sweep encompassing both teeth and gum tissue, essential for healthy gums.

– The tongue is where we stored more bacteria that cause bad breath, so we should not forget it and brush it with movements from the inside out.

Don’t force the gums with the brush. There is a myth related to gums that states that “if bleed there’s no problem”. This is a lie! If the gums bleed when cleaning it is best to go to the dentist to check that we are not experiencing any serious problems.

-The Water to brush should not be cold nor hot. The contrast of temperatures can damage considerably oral health: both extreme heat and cold cause contraction and expansion of the teeth, causing cracks in the enamel surface and increasing the sensitivity of the teeth. That’s why we wash our teeth simply with warm water.

– Never share your toothbrush. Use the brush to another is a very risky act and a serious source of spread of infection. If you forget your toothbrush at some point, never wipe with a strange brush!