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Dental Aesthetics

Having a nice smile that represent us is what we all want. The smile, the mouth and teeth are an important part of our “social charter presentation.” And in many cases beautiful teeth make us feel good and at ease with ourselves.

Alcoholic beverages, snuff, tea producing darkening, staining, wear and fractures, small cracks, conical teeth, gingival smiles, “distorted” gums, microteeth, dark teeth are all problems related to oral aesthetics that affect our personal and social life. Confidental Studio has the solution.

  • Teeth Whitening: is a cosmetic treatment indicated for brighten teeth, helping to remove stains or discolorations in order to get whiter teeth, which provides to the patient a harmonious smile. This procedure is conservative and painless, is currently one of the techniques used in dentistry due to the speed and efficiency obtained, sensing results from the first session.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry with porcelain veneers: having irregularities as small fractures to medium presence of unsightly spaces or fillings (healing) resin undertake key areas of the tooth especially in the anterior region, treatment of dental aesthetics seek to consider the harmonization smile using porcelain veneers, which are thin facets of this material that perfectly adhere to the tooth structure, giving the area favorable radical changes. For this purpose only minimal reductions enamel externally are made to accommodate the new restoration or veneer.
  • Dental Crowns aesthetics: the use of crowns are made in order to recover lost function and cosmetic dentistry because of major fractures, extensive decay, major dental darkening, undesirable positions, etc. The manufacture of metal free dental crowns is currently achieving a very natural, beautiful and harmonious, compatible with the wonderful work of nature appearance. The material used is porcelain in different variations and individual crowns or bridges that are grouped with the aim of replacing lost or missing teeth and restore full chewing function can be performed.