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3D glasses to reduce anxiety at the dentist

Anxiety and stress that a high percentage of people suffer when going to the dentist cause many of them to delay that moment the maximum, with the consequent loss for oral health. In addition, nerves during the visit may affect the procedure, especially in patients in childhood.

Aware of this problem, Ahoa Dental Clinic has added to its consultation a new relaxation technique: the virtual reality goggles Cinemizer® OLED, which let you view 3D videos or movies, play games, read, listen to music, even can be connected to the mobile device of the patient to access their own music or video files.

Managing patient anxiety in dentistry is key not only to experience these as pleasant as possible, but that the procedure can be performed safely and effectively.

According to the data, about 75% of adults experience some degree of fear or anxiety during his visit to the dentist. This anxiety can cause tension in the jaw, dry mouth, burning mouth syndrome and panic attacks, even patient may reject the anesthesia or the treatment itself.

Since anxiety is a psychological factor, and not physical, the glasses are based on OLED Cinemizer distraction as natural method to treat this anxiety. Positive sensory stimuli optical transport the patient and acoustically outside the atmosphere of tension that generates the waiting room or dental treatment.

This technique is used generally in any process of some duration, as the waiting time or the time before the patient will be expected within the query are two major factors that trigger or exacerbate anxiety. In the case of child patients, this can be applied to any process which causes a stress reaction.

The system, developed by the German company Zeiss, is already used in Europe and the United States with great success. It is compatible with PC, Mac, Blu-ray or standard DVD player as well as Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, which lets the patient who connect your device to the virtual reality goggles.