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Dental Radiology

The dental radiology creates images of the mouth and teeth, so we can easily diagnose tooth decay in advance that they are visible, teeth that have not come out yet, fractured jaws, position and size of teeth and other teeth problems and jaw bones. It is a useful tool that helps the dentist to diagnose damage and diseases not visible during a regular dental exam. It noted that this process does not cause any discomfort or inconvenience.

When making a dental radiography we can see different elements; Dense, such as fillings, amalgam restorations or metal objects block the photons of radiation and appear white in the film; areas where there is nothing or only air will be black, while the bony structures like teeth, and other tissues or fluids appear gray.

Panoramic radiography: A panoramic radiograph is performed with X-ray machine that rotates around the head, it captures images of the complete jaw and teeths in one take.

Advantages of digital radiography: Speed, with digital radiography reduces the time of exposure and also radiation for both the patient and the doctor, the image is immediately processed by the sensor and displayed directly on the screen. This saves time in dental procedures that require this type of study. Digital radiographs are easily stored through digital formats, which becomes a diagnostic tool for comparing previous images with the latest, without these becoming impaired and while the use of chemicals avoided, since they are not required for processing.